Нow to clean toilet brush

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Clean your toilet brush easily

We all want to maintain clean bathroom in our home and that is when we need to make some cleaning steps. If you wonder how to clean toilet brush, here are the things you should do.

1. Make some deep cleaning  toilet brush

The process starts with one big bucket full of hot water. Put the toilet brush inside and keep it there for at least half an hour. The dirt will dilute in hot water, so the cleaning will be easier. Pour the dirty water into a toilet bowl and prepare for the next step.

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2. Use the strongest solution

Take a bucket and fill it with cold water. Pour some bleach inside and consider the recommended amount of the solution. Follow the guidelines written on the bottle. The usual amount is one part bleach for 30 parts of water. It will sanitize the toilet brush completely. Let it soak for half an hour. Be a little bit patient here.

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3. Pay attention to the holder toilet brush

In most cases, a holder for toilet brush is the source of bacteria, so you should spend few moments in cleaning of it. Again, the bleach is the best companion. Make a solution and clean the holder with gloves. Use some sterilized cloth in order to remove all bacteria. You can do it while the brush is soaking.

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4. Take it out

Remove the brush from the bucket and spill the water into a toilet bowl. Rinse the bucket and clean it properly after the usage. Now, the toilet brush is sanitized and all dirtiness is removed. It is time to prepare it for the final step.

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5. Natural drying

Put the brush on the clean cloth and let it dry for at least one hour. Sometimes, the bristles will need more time, so make sure that all bristles are completely dry before putting back to holder. This is important step because wet bristles can attract bacteria. Be patient and wait until the brush is fully dry.

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Once the brush is ready, put it back to holder and you can be sure that your toilet brush is clean now. All these steps are important if you wonder how to clean toilet brush in an effective manner. Repeat the process every time after using the brush in order to keep the bathroom bacteria-free. You will certainly feel better about the space you live in. Therefore, make the routine as often as possible.


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