Amazing small bathrooms

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Ideas For Amazing Small Bathrooms

The right kind of small bathroom decoration not only livens up the space but also offers you a relaxing feeling everytime you enter it. While large bathrooms complete with luxury hot tubs & spas are everybody’s dream, our space challenged homes rarely provide this luxury. In other words,many of us live in urban houses which have extremely small space and very little bathrooms. In this post we have listed several ideas for amazing small bathrooms that will help you transform your small bathroom space into a full bathroom.

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  1. Light up a small bathroom space

Light plays a key role in giving a small bathroom the feeling of space. Choose window treatment that lets light shine through. You can also invest in curtains that can be pulled back to let light penetrate in. At night, when space looks dark because there is no nearby natural source of light, use additional source of lighting to maximize each area of the room.

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  1. Vanity cabinets and pedestal sinks

Opting for a pedestal sink rather than vanity cabinets is a great idea. Vanity cabinets occupie a huge space in your bathroom. If you must store large number of toiletries and accessories, then a small vanity with underneath cabinets is a great option to consider.

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  1. Install underfloor heating

Installing underfloor electric heating for amazing small bathrooms can be a great space saver for tiny bathrooms. The space will be kept warm and ccomfortable, without the need for a bulky radiator. Doing away with the radiator will free up more space which can be put to other use. Moreover, underfloor heating has other benefits beyond saving space. It creates a natural warmth in the room. It is energy efficient, saves money and also quiet.

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  1. Lighter Paint Colors

Paint colors is important too. In fact it is one of the fundamental principles of interior designing. It is a principle that can be applied to bedroom and living room walls as well. The best way to make your tiny bathroom seem larger is to use lighter, pastel colors. Light color walls are fantastic. They are more reflective, thereby making any small space feel larger and airy. Another key factor is pattern. If applied in a vertical way, it can give an illusion of an increased height to your small bathroom. For this reason, you may want to paint your wall in vertical lines. You can also choose to fit tiles and wallpaper in a vertical fashion.

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  1. Mount the towel bar on a door

Another great idea for amazing small bathrooms is to mount the towel bar on the shower door. This way, you will have a storage solution that only takes a few inches.


  1. Install a shower instead of a bathtub

Consider installing a shower because a bathtub is a space-devourer. If possible, get a shower cubicle with curved sides to free up space for extra usage.

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Amazing small bathrooms are more practical than larger ones as small bathrooms are easier to maintain and clean. While it can be difficult to maximize your small bathroom space, with a little bit of creativity, you can make it look larger and more aesthetically appealing.

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