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bathroom direct

In this review we want to show you bathroom direct. See high-quality photos, find new interior design ideas and implement your dreams. Fotos taken with

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LET’S TALK ABOUT THE BATH! Most times, bathing can be fun, especially when the weather condition requires it. Your bathroom condition would however determine how many times you would be… Read more »

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Benefits Of Two Person Hot Tubs After a tiring day’s work or a muscle workout you will want some deserving rest, you may think of going to the spa for… Read more »

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Reglazing can do wonders for home improvement! A simple step to a polished and refined upgrade to any washroom. Why reglaze your tub rather than replace it? Its simple. Replacing… Read more »

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Large tub

On The Hunt For A Bathtub? Four Golden Rules For Selecting The Right One There is nothing better than a long relaxing both inside a large tub. Forget about jumping… Read more »

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Bathing in tub

Bathing In Tub: Enhancing Your Bathing Experience Imagine the luxurious feeling after treating yourself with a warm bath. Bathing in tub comes with unique experience with real advantages. Bathing in… Read more »

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Size bath

Steps To Take In Creating A Great Looking Bathroom A typical standard size bath measures L1700mm by w700mm. Any bathroom less size than this will be uncomfortable for you. To… Read more »