Bath in our lives, advantages and disadvantages. Design features


Most times, bathing can be fun, especially when the weather condition requires it. Your bathroom condition would however determine how many times you would be pleased to get there. Since the invention of the bath, bathing is now beyond a regular activity and some people just know how to catch their fun there.

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A bath is also known as a bathtub or called a tub in informal cases; which is a large container for holding water in which a person can bathe. Modern bathtubs have overflow and waste drains and may have taps above them. Most times, they are inbuilt but sometimes may be free standing.

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To enjoy your bathe in a bath, ensure that you get everything you need close by like your soap, shampoo, bath towels, etc. That’s my number one suggestion because I don’t want you stepping out and in.

Very importantly, test the water temperature; do not turn on the hot water while you are in the tub, I cherish my skin as much as you do. You can also help another person take his or her bathe in cases of medical conditions, without water splashing on your body.

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The look behind the bath

If you have tried a bath before, you would know that they can be very slippery which may lead to serious injuries if there is any fall. You can get grab bars and fix them on the walls of the tub, it would help you get in and out, and hold on to in case you are about to slip.

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Put a rubber mat on the bottom to prevent falls. Always leave the area around the bath dry to prevent a fall. You can afterwards even leave your children to enjoy.

You don’t care for your bathroom only because of hygiene reasons but because the surfaces and components will last better and longer. You should make it a point of duty to clean your bath tub after each use to avoid dirt and limescale deposits.

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You can do this by using mild detergents, washing up liquids and apply with a soft sponge or brush. Rinse thoroughly! You can remove limescale deposits with household vinegar. Do not use abrasive sponges or detergents. Glaze plus surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth and mild detergent.

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Have you ever imagined sitting in a clean bath with foaming soap lather while you sip a glass of wine and watch your favourite show or listen to your favourite music/ album while you reminiscence about your life or a decision? I have and it feels good to imagine. I would want you to experience and not only imagine, cos I will!!!

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