Bathing in tub – How to prepare a bath and get the most out of it?

Bathing In Tub: Enhancing Your Bathing Experience

Imagine the luxurious feeling after treating yourself with a warm bath. Bathing in tub comes with unique experience with real advantages. Bathing in tub gives you a utmost experience with both pure water and air. If you had a hectic day, bathtub is here to make you refreshed. The best thing you can do to your body is refreshing it.

How To Prepare Your Bath;

  • Rinse the bathtub

Before bathing in tub, it’s critical to rinse it. Particularly for a bathtub that wasn’t used recently. This will ensure that you won’t be bathing in dirt/mildew water. Steps you should follow in rinsing the bathtub;

  1. Using a mixture of warm water and vinegar, spray the tub.
  2. Leave the tab for utmost 15 minutes then wipe it to dry with a clean towel/cloth.
  3. Lastly, rinse the tub with clean water and dry it again.


  • Plug the drain. Start filling the tub with clean water instantly.

These actions will help you to determine whether the plug is working properly. The plug should have a stopper to stop the drain. Make sure the plug is working effectively and the stopper is not missing. In case the plug lacks a stopper, feel free to create yours. Amazingly, you can use a piece of towel/flat rubber jar as a stopper.

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  • Water temperature regulation.

Adjust the water temperature as you prefer it. Preferably it should not be hotter than 38 degrees. Not only does too-hot water affects your nervous system but also affects your              blood pressure  thus  causing  it to drop dramatically. In addition, too-hot water would cause restlessness and lack of a sweet  sleep. How can  you regulate the water temperature?

  1. The most appropriate method is use of a thermometer, which will help you in ensuring the water temperature is not too-hot for you.
  2. You can also use your wrist to determine the water temperatures. Take caution not to use your hand since it will give you inaccurate temperatures.

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  • Fill the tub. Make it 2/3 full.

Fill the tub with warm water and make it about 2/3 full. Remember to turn off the water after filling it. The main reason you shouldn’t fill the tub to the fullest is, because once you submerge in the tub the water level will raise. In case of water overflow, prevent the water from flooding your beautiful floor by; a) Making sure you have placed a towel/mat on the floor surrounding the tub. This will prevent you from sliding once you are out of the tub.

In conclusion you can now relax and enjoy your bath. For greater experience while bathing in tub, you can add essential oil. Also create a soothing environment by lighting candles or listening to music.

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