Bathroom color schemes

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Form a bathroom color schemes

In order to create the color harmony in the bathroom and reach maximum desired effect should arm arsenal of knowledge and principles. The process of selection of bathroom color schemes at first glance does not seem a difficult task, but it is not.

To facilitate this task offer the following recommendations:

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We select bathroom color schemes

Step 1:

1) Analyze the size of the room and determine the key tasks that we want to get to bathroom design as a result.
2) Determined with colors.
3) Choosing style.

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Step 2 (example, a small bathroom):

1) We want due bathroom color schemes to visually enlarge the room.
2) Choosing a classic color scheme. Bright walls and ceiling, slightly darker floor create an atmosphere of a large room. Tiles laid on walls perpendicular to the floor to make room visually higher. On the floor lay out in a checkerboard pattern. For visual increasing use large mirrors and good lighting.
3) Style should focus, in this case, minimalism, so as not to clutter the limited space.

To better understand the current trends and directions in the bathroom color schemes, offer the following ideas:

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