Bathroom color trends

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Bathroom color trends and features of its formation

When repairing the bathroom, people often do not know how to choose the color scheme. And ask yourself: ‘What color will be in harmony with others ?? “,” visually increase the space in the bathroom ?? “,” who bathroom color trends ?? ».

To answer these questions it is necessary to determine the style of the bathroom.

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Directions bathroom design:

– Classic. In this design uses a combination of white and dark colors. Usually dark bottom and light top. This design is a practical and familiar to everyone, it you no surprise.

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– Modern. Bathroom is created in high-tech style. There is a mix of different colors, but preferred gray, matte, chrome elements. The colors are harmoniously combined with all bathroom accessories.

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– Mixed. The most popular approach among young people. This area of ​​design typically generates bathroom color trends. Since it allows for creativity in the planning process and as a result creates interesting color combinations and new trends in design.

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Today bathroom color trends focused on a combination of metallic and deep blue, eco materials, natural prints in combination rounded furniture.

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