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Bathroom furnishings

For your bathroom to still be comfortable to use despite its small area, you should plan how to furnish it correctly. Your planning will involve the factors that will affect how spacious or crowded your bathroom will be.

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Furniture size.

The size of the room that you have will be greatly affected by the size of your furnishings. The rule is pretty basic. If you want your bathroom to have still enough space for you to move inside it, you should go for smaller sized furniture. And having furniture that is bulky and is quite large will result in a crowded room.

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If you already have old furniture that you want to put in your bathroom, you should base your plans on them. This is also a very practical option if you are not ready to spend money in buying new bathroom furnishings. The size of your bathroom can depend on the size of the area that is available in your house plan. Also, you may consider the size of your existing furniture and fixtures.

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Since the area will be small, you have to be careful with the materials that you will buy. For the walls and the flooring, you can use tiles. But, a good option will be to go for small-sized tiles. They can help your bathroom look larger than what it is. If you happen to have only large tiles, you can opt to complement the resulting problem with your other bathroom furnishings.

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Also, you have to consider what type of material you will use. As said, you can use tiles. Wood may have a good feel. But, it can require a lot of space especially if the design you have uses wooden logs or slabs. Instead, go for thin layered boards and only line the walls with them. Design Ideas furnishings for your bathroom


Before you set out and buy the paint that you want to use, think about what these colors will do to your bathroom’s look. Take note that there are colors that can make the room look spacious and there are also those that seems to shrink the room.

Examples of colors that can benefit your small bathroom are white, light green and light blue. If you can stick to light colors, the result will be a spacious looking bathroom. These colors should be emphasized by the parts that occupy a large space in your bathroom. This will apply to the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the shower stall, and a few more, use dark colors sparingly. You can have them for small sized accessories or accents in your design.

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How you organize your furnishings is vital. There should be enough space for you to accomplish your tasks in your bathroom. The area should be safe to move into. Also, the traffic inside should be free flowing, and there shouldn’t be furniture or fixtures set in the middle of the room. If you can arrange the things inside correctly, the place will look less crowded.

Overall, it can be fun to furnish once a bathroom, especially when done in the right way. The secret is to opt for quality and long-lasting material, and a bathroom furnishings foto 6design that will add positive chi. For the finishing touches, your bathroom must not only look beautiful and clean but smell nice, too. Soothe your senses with a cute and invigorating pot of potpourri of your favorite scents such as dried fruit or flower buds which you can, later on, touch up with a few drops of refreshing oil may create a beautiful effect on your senses.

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