Bathroom mirror designs ideas, foto and advice

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Choosing A New Bathroom Mirror

Your bathroom mirror should not be reflecting back to you in any warped kind, remind you of a funhouse mirror. This is where you will want to do all of your personal grooming and preparing before leaving the house. A clear, non-warped, unscratched surface serves a much better purpose and is much preferred.

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There are many bathroom mirror designs to choose from. Namely: backlit, etched bathroom mirror designs, octagonal, square, round and triangle mirrors. There are specific bathroom mirror designs and frames that can be built around it, as well. It is really a choice that is left up to the owner of the bathroom where the mirror is going to be placed.

Some are long enough to span two counter and sink areas. This is excellent for people who have large long bathrooms with two separate sinks that are used. Many people have rows of lights surrounding the glass or the frame so that the illumination is at its maximum.

Extra lighting

Extra lighting is always nice in this particular room because people need to be able to examine themselves in the best light before they leave for the day. Dimly lit rooms are not good for the eyes, nor do they give a true impression of how you will be seen by the public. Some mirrors provide extra lighting, which is perfect for those rooms with low lighting. Some medicine cabinets are made today that have internal lights, like the light in a refrigerator.

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Most will be hung securely on the wall while some others are attached to vanity dressers and are bolted into the back. The prices of either would depend on the extra effort put into it, whether it has extra lighting, etched bathroom mirror designs or unique framework. It also depends on the size of the object.

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They can also come in the tri-fold style so that the person can see themselves from several different angles at once. This especially comes in handy in the bathroom, where someone would want to see how they will be seen by others before they leave the house.

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Installing a new bathroom mirror is not difficult but there does need to be great care taken when hanging them. Many are made to be extremely durable and tough because flimsy thin glass will break and crack very easily. They are transported carefully and hung carefully. Typically, they are hung on the wall in a place where the nails holding them up are pushed into the wall stud. This very often provides the strength the nail will need to hold a mirror, which can be very heavy.

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