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Basic planning principles desing Bathroom mirrors framed

If there’s any room that is constantly being visited and judged in your home, it would have to be your bathroom. This is the room that lets your visitor know who you are. Nobody feels comfortable in an over crowded space. Your bathroom should look clean and elegant. It’s never too late to give your bathroom a makeover!

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Color scheme

The best way to start is by choosing a nice new color scheme. Remember, this is the place you, and your visitors, will spend a nice 10 minutes just resting and looking around, so try to keep this color calm and soothing. Find a color that would look great with your flooring and the color of your vanity.

Bathroom basics

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After you pick your color scheme go out and buy some new bathroom basics; carpets, curtains, wall and counter decor, etc.. Always remember to never over clutter! When you’re out there shopping, stick to your color scheme. One bad decoration can throw the whole bathroom off.

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Once all the little cute stuff is bought you will be left with a big decision for your powder room make-over. This would be your mirror. Framed? Or un-framed? Think about it. You will look into this mirror everyday. Your visitors will look into your mirror every visit. Make your mirror the main attraction of your bathroom. Whats the best way to do this? Frame it.

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Nothing looks more elegant than a beautifully framed mirror. Find a piece that will fit perfect in your bathroom and let it all fall into place, from the curtains to the carpets, to the decorative towels all the way down to the little decorations you have on your sink. This one decision of framing your mirror will bring it all together. Depending on the size of the bathroom you’re trying to makeover, we can figure out your perfect mirror size. Being from texas, bigger is always better, but the size of your framed mirror is totally up to you.

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Personally i’d go with a big one. I love to look at myself and if your reading an article about mirrors you probably do too! And I’m assuming your visitors wouldn’t mind a couple of glances into your new framed mirror. An oval frame will always look perfect in a half bathroom. Since this space is small, the best thing to do is keep it nice and simple. Nothing too big or fancy. But, your master bathroom is another story. The type of sink you have in your bathroom places a big factor in this mirror decision making.

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Guidelines for the selection of mirrors

Assuming you have a double sink vanity, nothing would look better than hanging a horizontally long framed mirror! This would definitely keep your bathroom looking clean and open and give it a totally different feel from your basic squared mirror.

Another good idea for a double sink would be two medium sized separate framed mirrors. Let these match the color of your vanity. It will definitely make your colors pop, and would give your bathroom a beautiful look. Whether you choose a medium oval framed mirror or a long horizontal mirror, just know your frame will definitely make a difference in your bathroom makeover.

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Let your frame match your personality. If you like the shiny stuff, buy the most bedazzled frame you can find and hang it up! If you’re more on the simple side, find a simple, but cute, frame and hang it up! Now after adding all the final touches to your new bathroom, just wait on all the compliments from your visitors!

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