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Bathroom pedestal sink

Ready for a bathroom break literally ? Ready to rid of the old and in with the a new bathroom sink? A bathroom pedestal sink just might be your answer. These sleek, innovative units are ideal for any bathroom in your home. They are available in several shapes,sizes and colors . This just might be the answer to your woes.

By far the best feature about the bathroom pedestal sink is the base itself. The intuitive design is tall and narrow. Which allows this type of sink to fit in almost any bathroom. Even those terribly narrow half baths that are almost the size of a walk-in closet. Just keep in mind, generally you cannot buy a sink of this type with storage areas underneath like a classic sink.

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Do not fear, creativity and innovation are your best friend in tight spaces. Just think up. Installing a cabinet above your bathroom pedestal sink is great start to create storage where none was before. Also, you can consider mounting shelves on the bathroom wall to accommodate towels if there is a shower in the particular unit.

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If creativity is truly one of your strong points. You may want to consider designing a cover to go around the base of your new bathroom pedestal sink. This will give your sinks an unique, indefinable appeal that you can coordinate with your bathroom decor. You can easily sew something out of fabrics purchased at a local craft store. Even just a simple short curtain will do the job just as well.

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Just keep one thing in mind. Research different types of bathroom pedestal sinks to make sure you purchase the right one for you. Take the time and effort to visit different stores. Search the internet even. Not only for a fair price, but for something you know you and your family will be happy with for years, You do not want to end up installing something you hate every time you look at it, over and over again.

Renovating a bathroom, or any part of your home should be a fun and exciting occasion. With a little bit of sweat and love, as well as , your imagination the sky is the limit. You can jleave your bathroom pedestal sink alone to shine in its sleek original condition. Or, create a masterpiece right inside your very own bathroom by decorating the base of the pedestal to match your bathroom decor. Whatever you choose, your new sink will have a very happy home indeed.

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