Bathroom remodel tips

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If you want to take your bathroom to a different level by styling it completely with equally beautiful and complementary bathtubs, here are some of the bathroom remodel tips that will help you decide on the style that suites you and how to go about enhancing its looks.Bathroom remodel tips foto 1

Theme of color

It plays an important role and many factors have to be considered before choosing the right one. It should not be too dark unless there is a strong lighting within the bathroom. To provide a different vibe to the bathroom, use non-conventional color themes, and not in standard form to prevent boredom. Make use of shades of colors, even the uncommon ones. Give a niece gradient effect in the bathroom and make the space look bigger.

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Shower and Bathtubs

The size of your bathroom will determine whether you are going to have a shower, bath tub or both. Showers should not be dull- looking and should transform the experience of a standing shower since they are nowadays equipped with glass doors and automatic water jets.

Bathroom remodel tips foto 3 If you have space for a bath tub, choose one that you comfortably fit in since they vary in shapes and sizes.

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Sink faucets

Choose the most suitable according to the space available. Size, shape, and color matters a lot depending with the sink since they are in a variety like widespread, water saving, single hole, wall mount etc.

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Bathroom sinks

You should consider the size of your bathroom and your style to choose from pedestal, drop-in, under-mount, wall mount, vanity top or pedestal.

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Toilets and Toilet seats

To ensure this bathroom remodel tips, one has to consider the new designs of toilets and toilet seats that are available, and also the comfort while being used. Depending on the size of the bathroom, choose the one that fits well, has a good height and easy to clean. In the market they range from two-piece, touch less etc.

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Cabinets, mirrors and accessories should be of good quality, shapes and sizes depending on the bathroom sizes. There should be enough storage and well organized for easy access to toiletries and other accessories. The towel rails whether heated or not, should be well placed and of good sizes to hang the towels while saving space.

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However, you also have to consider the following bathroom remodel tips while redesigning your bathroom,

  • You have to move the plumbing
  • For a new modern fitting, update the electrics
  • Tile the floor and walls after removing the carpet
  • Create a shower kit
  • Install a large basin away from the window and create space for a large mirror
  • Install a full size Jacuzzi bathtub if you can, and Install a towel rail.

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