Bathroom sinks for small spaces. Photos, Pictures and Video

Bathroom sinks for small spaces

There are two things that would happen in the perfect world. One of them is having money falling from trees and the other one is having huge bathrooms. However, in the real world, the case is different as we might at times have to create extra space in small bathrooms without really spending too much for a full renovation.

You can definitely create extra inches at the sink area. All you need for this is a little bit of creativity for tweaking sink styles, cabinetry choices, fixtures and types of installation. With this, you can convert a cramped bathroom into a treat that is more pleasurable. Below are several bathroom sinks for small spaces.

Wall mounted sinks

Just like the amazing small bathrooms in the 1940s and 1950s, the sink bowl as well as the plumbing pipes were attached on the wall. This helps to free up some floor space below. This is an ideal option for vintage or retro style bath, where pipes are an important portion of an overall design scheme.

Console sink

A wall mounted sink or a pedestal sink saves you space underneath. This space might be used to install a park for your toothbrush. In such a case, a console sink is one of the bathroom sinks for small spaces that might be ideal for that. The console sink is usually mounted on the wall and has four slender legs to support it. This creates a counter space as well as an option for extra storage shelf below.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink has various advantages among them, it has a god impression and its plumbing pipes are diligently concealed. For over a century, this is one of the greatest bathroom sinks for small spaces as it is a space saver. Its basin is usually mounted on the wall and the supporting pedestal rests on the floor. With this sink, you give up potential vanity and countertop space. However, to make up for that space, creative shelves and cabinets can be installed.

Elongated sink

This is one of the greatest, few ideas for bathroom sinks for small spaces. This is because elongated sinks give space solution as they are long and narrow. They can also be used by more than one person. The elongated sink is a skinny trough sink that needs double faucets. This design is created in a scaled down and sleek vanity to fit like a glove.

Other bathroom sinks for small spaces include the following;

Toilet-lid sinks Scaled down vanity

For individuals who live in small spaces, small bathrooms are nothing new. However, you can live comfortably depending on how you plan your fixtures and layouts. These genius bathroom ideas will make a difference in your small space and still look amazing. Adopt either of them and transform your bathroom by giving it a spacious look.

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