Bathroom with tub and shower – desing and interior, foto and video

A bathroom furnishing: what are the most important basic rules?

The bathroom may be already one of the smallest rooms in the house, for users it remains very important. Their preference is for trendy, affordable and quality products.

Modern design of the bathroom in dark-white colors

If we take into account all that is necessary for the establishment, the bathroom is undoubtedly the most expensive room in the house per square meter. Plumbing fixtures, faucets, moisture-proof floor and wall coverings and lighting, efficient ventilation, a need for light and intimacy … Yet even the most high quality furnishings in itself sufficient for the establishment of a comfortable bathroom where it is pleasant to stay. To be able to move in complete freedom and safety, you need to respect some rules and dimensions.

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A bathroom should be worked out in detail on the design plans. To avoid unpleasant surprises, draw departure carefully on the widest possible scale. Provide space for each appliance and furniture based on real dimensions. Ask before every purchase professional advice. In the showrooms of the major brands you can get a personalized, free service. Especially if you make an appointment in advance, your visit is rarely a disappointment.

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We will already give you a few basic rules it:

–               A free passage of 100 cm is recommended for wide effort to open drawers and closet doors and prevent different users at the same time in each other’s feet. – Less mobile users (be prescient: think of your old age!) Need a turning radius of 150 cm to be able to move comfortably and take in a good position in front of the sanitary appliances.

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– Would you then a shower with shower wall, ensure that the shower door opens outwards. Failing that, opt for a sliding door.

– Consider sloping roofs and low ceilings. Shower and bathroom cabinet ideally have a minimum height of 220 cm. A bath could possibly be placed under a sloping roof slope, depending on how intense you want to use it.

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– Let opposite the bath and the shower a clearance of 60 cm free. – Adjust the length of the bathtub to match your height. Make sure your body is completely under water without having to raise your knees and not your knees and shoulders would cool down too quickly.

– Are you less mobile? Some baths have a gate or have a bath lift. Choose a bathtub with non-slip bottom and limit the difference in level with the bathroom floor to a minimum.

– A walk-in shower with no threshold, is more convenient and safer because there is no risk of tripping over the edge of the cistern. The less mobile, the user, the larger should be the shower. Nowadays get cisterns even dimensions of up to 100 by 180 cm.

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– Around the sink should be 20 cm free to move freely with your elbows.

– A height-adjustable sink (with a difference in height of about 40 cm) can be handy for less mobile users and children. Children can also make do with a stable ladder.

Do you like a relaxing, warm bath, you have young children or you are already getting older? Your bath should anyway be tailored to your personal aspirations.

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–               Built-in or freestanding? Freestanding models (also on legs) are again very popular and are often given a central place in spacious bathrooms. Built-Baden then look more modern and take up less space.

– A sitz bath? you can shower as well as taking a bath in the equivalent of a freestanding bath. Usually, there is provided a shower curtain or a screen. Biggest advantage: space saving!

– What form? Round Baths create a soothing atmosphere and fit perfectly in a classic or retro interior. Square baths and corner baths are more at home in a sleek and modern design. A trapeze-shaped tub (wide at the head end and narrow at the feet) is water saving.

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– What materials? Acrylic and enamelled steel are used most often. Acrylic is more expensive, but indeed feels softer, better keep down the heat and is more resistant to minor impacts. The price difference between the two materials is moreover increasingly smaller. Also composite materials are gaining in popularity. If you opt for this, pay attention to durability, serviceability and insulating ability.

– A helping hand? Bathing with a backrest are a good idea if you want to integrate balneotherapy or installing grab bars. They are comfortable and are recommended for families with children (to let them take a bath in a sitting position) or seniors.

Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is mainly designed around the sink. Almost all sanitary manufacturers design their other products (cisterns, bathtubs, bathroom furniture …) according to their sinks. There are all kinds of organic, rectangular and square shapes. Large sinks for two people also gain market ground. For several years, the beloved among architects basins popular than the bathroom furniture integrated sinks. Especially the rounded models – which seem to stem from the old days – are totally ‘in’. Sometimes the basin and the table where they are on is one entirely of composite materials.

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Cranes of the latest generation not only provide a wider jet, but also use less water than traditional models. How? The flow rate is limited, but not having to compromise on pleasure, on the water is also added air. In some models, fewer raw materials were processed (one third less than traditional taps), thanks to the use of hollow elements which provide a great savings in the production process.

Mirrors have the same dimensions as the bathroom cabinet. Their height varies depending on the desired effect. “In a small bathroom will strengthen a large mirror the feeling of space, ideal in a large bathroom is long and narrow hanging mirror nice, especially in combination with a hanging cabinet For round basins then fit a round mirror, to the same topic!, to continue, “it suggests Van Marcke.

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Light and heat

In many bathrooms there is only one light fixture in the ceiling, through which people have difficulty shaving or make themselves, because they are in their own shadow. A combination of different light sources is therefore more efficient. At the height of the sink is functional lighting (top, or on either side of the mirror) is required, while providing better mood lighting around the pool. The pool is a verhoogje, you can also opt for recessed lights in the floor: they provide an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Indirect lighting is also possible through light tubes, for example, be suspended behind a double wall. The cold light of LEDs until recently seemed not welcome in the bathroom, but gradually there will also be ‘warmer’ solutions on the market! They are a good choice because they use much less energy.

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For obvious practical reasons provides you had better toilet outside the bathroom. If that is not possible, create the necessary intimacy with a partition wall, a solid wall, glass tiles, towel radiator… A hanging toilet is perfectly hygienic and easy to maintain. Currently, it is seen as the best choice. In this context, the new toilets are indeed recommended without flushing rim.

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