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Choices of Bathroom Taps written by: tabytaby

When it comes to building a house, the living room, the dining area, children’s play area, the kitchen and of course the bathrooms are some of the areas which attract maximum attention. Previously, bathrooms were bathrooms in the literal meaning of the term. With the introduction of stylish and luxurious bath and bathroom fittings, bathrooms have undergone a radical change and are termed as luxury rooms.

It is important to do your research before you buy your bathroom fittings. Check on the internet and you will get a lot of information related to bathroom pipes and fittings.

Some of the things that need to be remembered before buying bathrooms taps are:

Materials used

Bathrooms taps are made from a variety of materials and depending on the material, the cost and quality will vary. If the tap is heavy, it means it is of good material. Some materials include;

Plastic taps: They are inexpensive and not of a high standard quality. Plastic taps come in variety colors and it is advised that you do not use plastic taps in your bathroom since they are short lived.

Brass taps: These taps are medium quality and economically priced. Brass taps are heavier       as      compared   to the plastic taps and they are suitable for bathrooms since they are made of a high standard metal and are long-lasting as well.

DZR brass: Though brass taps are ideal for bathroom use, DZR brass pipes are used in bathrooms where the water contains chlorides and Ph. combinations that might corrode the pipes, which is commonly referred to as dezincification. DZR brass pipes are ideal in places where there is corrosion.

Water pressure

If a combo boiler is fitted in your bathroom, then both low pressure as well as high-pressure     taps would work

perfectly. Depending on the water pressure, water would flow from the tap.

While fitting shower mixers that have a showering handset, it is important to pay attention to the distance between the showering handset and the water storage tank. Depending on your usage, you could reduce or increase the water pressure. It is imperative that the water pressure in your bathroom be considered before choosing bathrooms taps.

Operating procedure of the taps

Taps work on two operating mechanisms. They are the spindle and ceramic disc.

The conventional spindle taps are less expensive and not of a great quality as compared to ceramic disc taps. The ceramic disc taps make use of superior quality materials and they also perform better and are longer lasting. On turning the tap, the discs part and it opens up the valve, which in turn allows free flow of water.

The hassle of changing tap washer is totally eliminated when you go for ceramic bathrooms taps. Just turn the tap a quarter and water will start to flow. There is a wide variety to choose from and depending on the color of the tiles of the bathroom, select the bathrooms taps.

However, ceramic disc bathrooms taps are not suitable for low-pressure systems. Spindle taps can be used for high pressure as well as low pressure and are cheaper too.

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