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Tips to Including Bathtub in Shower

A bathtub is among the home relaxation accessories that you require. However, you need some strategy when installing the tub, for home use. To begin with, bathtubs come in different designs and style to suit the different home orientation. Safety and convenience marks the basis of a suitable bathtub in shower, considering all home members that are to access the tub.

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The Room Walls

Bathtub installations work on waterproofing principles and ease of access. The shower room should have waterproof tiles, at least covering half the height of the room. With this allowance, any splash waters will cause minimal damage to the rest of shower accessories.In addition, the tub should match with the initial design of the bathroom, depending in the facilities in the room. It should always have its space of access and cleaning, without compromising the other facilities. If you can afford, you can include a glass door to lock out the tub, as this favors waterproofing.

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The Bathroom Design

A typical modern bathroom consists of the shower and toilet facilities combined. Depending on the space, the separation mainly involves corner-to-corner placements. In such a case, inclusion of a bathtub in shower requires strategy, since the tub cannot be placed in the middle. The tub should have a reliable water exit and entrance mechanism, and no splash waters should affect the other facilities. For people with large bathrooms, the far end corner favors the tub. For small rooms, installing the tub below the shower could be a perfect design. However, you should consult your designer in matters waterproofing, in both cases.

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Bathtubs for Kids

Bathtubs are always risky for small kids but you can minimize the risk. The first measure to employ is the choice of the tubs. Many brands are including bathroom accessories for kids and they have support facilities to reduce these risks. For the normal showers, you can include shower fixtures in the bathroom, especially in the tub and main shower. The fixtures are economical since they are useful in almost all bathroom requirements for you young ones.

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Bathtubs for People with Leg Problems

For family members with joint problems, their bathtubs in shower take a different installation mechanism. The heights matters and therefore the installation should consider this. The shower taps should be easily accessible and the entrance and exits have adequate space to allow you access support. In such a case, the bathroom cabinets should be strong and of good height. If you are planning to build a bathroom, this could be a basic consideration, since all the fixations in this bathroom are permanent.

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