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How to choose Beauty mirror in the bathroom

Bathroom with bright colored painted walls , designed ceramic floor tiles and accessories like designer lights, sink , bath tub, shower makes your bathroom perfect. To add a finishing touch , you need to add a Beauty mirror in the bathroom.

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Bathroom beauty mirrors are the most important part of a bathroom. Proper setting of a mirror will change the look of the bathroom. Bathroom is a place meant to clean oneself up and mirror is a must have to analyses that one is now clean and ready to face the image conscious world. It can be used for unlimited reasons like brushing teeth, shaving, combing, grooming and many more.

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Where to start?

Exploring the market will give you an idea about the trends in the  beauty mirrors line, designs available and what size of mirror will suit your bathroom. Still, it is advisable to opt for professional constructor. If your bathroom has double-basin then you should go for rectangular bathroom mirror. It should be king sized to accommodate a large bathroom mirror. These are the things that only a professional constructor can help you with.

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Classification mirrors

Presently, beauty mirrors  are designed with both classic and contemporary framing techniques. Traditional mirrors with dark layers of wood adds antiquity to your bathroom. Modern day creation are much softer with lighter layers and also features metal or alloy steel frames. Various shapes of bathroom wall mirrors are available viz. Rectangular, round, square, oval etc. Mirrors have also faced transitions as now they are available in heart and diamond shape. The modern styles of mirrors will give your bathroom a visual status and will enhance its look.

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One can also have a mirrored bathroom cabinet which comes in various shapes and sizes. It can have one or two doors which can be chosen as per your storage necessities. A modern cabinet features lighting and shaver sockets, which is useful if you plan to shave in front of the mirror. Along with it you can always have decorative mirrors in your bathroom. It adds to the appeal of the bathroom making it pleasant and bright. They come at a very low cost and will turn your bathroom into a showplace after minutes of installation.

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Most of them are smaller ones giving you a view of your face and chest area. A beautifully lit mirror is always good to have. Light will bounce off the mirror creating illusion that will make your bathroom look spacious than ever. Illuminated mirrors nowadays comes with LED lighting as well. One should always look for IP ratings when going for an illuminated mirror.

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Cleaning mirrors

After the proper installation of the bathroom beauty mirrors, one should always keep it clean using a mirror cleaner liquid that will keep the bathroom mirrors fresh for a long time. Water splashes and soapy solution will always be there, so cleaning with a damp cloth should never be a pain. Bathroom beauty mirrors brings face to face with oneself. To utilize them to a greater extent, proper lighting should be provided above the mirrors.

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