Black mirror in the bathroom – ideas, foto and design recommendations

What is the most important piece for good bathroom interior design? The mirror!

Choose the wrong mirror and what do you have? You have a small dark, depressing, dirty looking room.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-round frame

If you choose the right mirror, you can make a bathroom look larger than life; you can lighten the room up and create an atmosphere that makes people comfortable and happy. The mirror you choose will be stared at by every person who enters the room, and what it says back will dictate the entire presence of your bathroom. Long story short, the mirror is a crucial aspect of bathroom interior design.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-great mirror on the whole wall

So what is the perfect mirror? (Hint it’s a black mirror in the bathroom)

When I think bathroom interior design, I think smooth, soft, cool (but not cold). I want everything to be easy on the eyes, but to draw attention, mystery but definitely there. Strangely, the same things I think about when I think makeup, and with that, my belief for choosing a bathroom mirror was born.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-small mirror on the stand

If the eye is the window to the soul, and staring into a person’s eyes can make you fall in love, then that’s what we want our mirror to be, a window to the soul that we fall in love with.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-classic rim

Think about eye liner. You want to frame they eye, give it a bold appearance that draws the attention, but not so dark that is distracts from the eye its self. The same can be said for the bathroom mirror, and for that reason, I always choose a black mirror in the bathroom.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-5

A black bathroom mirror will give a sense of luxury. The soft, cool contrast of the reflective glass and the black frame draws the eye from the wall to what is inside, you, it frames you. In the way that the eye is a window to the soul, a black mirror in the bathroom will be a window out, it creates the illusions of extra space in the room, while giving focus to what is most important.  The black frame also is less likely to reflect the light and distract while using the mirror its self.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-modern style

Practical, beautiful, and absolutely perfect for you is a black mirror in the bathroom, hanging above the sink. To better match with the aesthetic, have a light grey wall paper or darker bathroom cabinet. The mix of soft colours with the classic light colours of bathroom décor will look stunning.

black mirror in the bathroom foto-with a pattern on the frame

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