Dark bathrooms

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Dark bathrooms and planning features

Recently, dark bathrooms created a fashion trend among designers. Increasingly, more people create dark bathrooms and get real pleasure from such a design.

It would seem that good in a dark bathroom, it would have theoretically be comfortable, visually small. However, in practice, the bathroom looks very impressive, elegant and individually, from her and breathes modernism and modernity.

dark bathrooms foto 1

How to design a dark bathrooms ???

– The primary rule for forming such a project bathroom accessories is a combination of white with a dark foundation bathroom
– All furniture and accessories should not massive but elegant, light-looking
– Do not use more than three colors in this design
– An important factor is lighting. In this room should be large window if the window is no need to install powerful lamps and large mirrors.

dark bathrooms foto 2

P.S. If you have a small size of the bathroom, and you want to still draw it with darker color we recommend you use black point method. That black cabinet can be made, the screen bathroom countertop and even some accessories, such as a vase and a pattern on the carpet. The rest may be a different color.

dark bathrooms foto 4

dark bathrooms foto 5

dark bathrooms foto 6

dark bathrooms foto 7

Fotos taken with https://m.vk.com/interiordesignbathroom

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