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How Good Are You in Creating An Enchanting Look of Your Dark Blue Bathroom?

Gone are the days when we should apply white or soft color for our bathroom. These days, it is very common to choose darker colors for the bathroom floor or wall, even for small-sized bathrooms. Chances are, homeowners still think that dark colors will create a ‘gloomy’ look of a bathroom. On the other hand, dark tiles still look perfect for smaller bathrooms, as long as homeowners understand about how they combine dark and neutral colors for both the floor and wall.

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Dark colored tiles include black, grey, and dark blue. This article is going to discuss about how dark blue nuance is still perfect for all kinds of bathroom. When we thought that a dark blue bathroom cannot create a spacious ambiance, we can consider applying this color to deliver an elegant look of it.

Сombining colors

First, let’s consider dark blue flooring tiles for your bathroom. Choosing dark blue flooring tiles are the best option if your bathroom is not too large. You can combine blue and white–or pale blue–tiles for a bigger look. But, you can choose large-sized dark blue flooring tiles, while you may want to try blue and white striped wallpaper, instead of porcelain if you have a limited budget. Don’t forget to add the pillar bath taps for the more elegant look. (

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Second, applying dark blue tiles for the floor and wall is also worth trying. Porcelain tiles always look good in any bathroom. Besides, you can clean them easier. Again, you may want to consider white porcelain tiles for your bathroom walls if you think that your bathroom is small.

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Applying dark blue tiles is fine, when your bathroom has an ample window. Or, if you want to create a bigger look, then you can also add a huge vanity. It is as simple as that. (

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Dark Blue For Kids’ Bathroom: Is It Suitable?

You may think that dark blue tiles are not really suitable for kids, because kids’ bathrooms usually apply brighter colors like orange, red or yellow for its tiles and overall fittings. As a matter of fact, your kids will adore the blue tiles flooring and walls because they will feel like they are playing around in their favorite swimming pool. So, if your kids’ bathroom has a bathtub, then you can use blue tiles.

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Whichever ideas that you want to apply for your dark blue bathroom, you should explore your imagination by choosing the matchable fixtures and fittings for it. If you hesitate to use dark blue tiles, you can choose aqua blue or turquoise for brighter look.

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