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Design tips for your bathroom

The bathroom is very essential part of a household. A plain white bathroom is something of the past and these days, there is a great demand for stylish bathrooms all complete with equally beautiful and complementary bathtubs. Before deciding what kind of style suits you and how to go about enhancing the looks of your bathroom, it is always wise to read up and follow some design tips.

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Color theme

Colors play a very important role in every space in a home and should not be neglected in the bathroom also. While there may be a favorite color that you have, and think it can be used for the bathroom, you will have to consider many factors.

The chosen color is often advised not to be too dark unless there is strong lighting within the bathroom itself. A dark color theme can be easily successful with the inclusion of a lot of lights.

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Non-conventional color themes can also provide a different vibe to the bathroom. Such colors need not be used all in a standard form, quickly turning the space into a boring one. Instead, a useful design tips is to make use of shades of colors, even the ones that are not so common.

This will give a nice gradient effect in the bathroom while also making the space look bigger. Purple, green and even yellow are colors not to be missed when making a choice for your bathroom.

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Shower or Bath tub?

A common dilemma amongst many home owner – a shower or a bath tub. While it may seem rather cozy and welcoming to have a bath tub, one must also consider the size your bathroom. Not every bathroom is made to accommodate a full bath tub. In this case, you are unfortunately not left with a choice but to purchase a standing shower. Showers need not be dull-looking either. These days, showers are fully equipped with glass doors and automatic water jets, transforming the entire experience of a standing shower.

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On the other hand, if your bathroom does have the space for a bath tub, choose one that you first and foremost, comfortably fit in. Often, buyers make the mistake of purchasing a bath tub that is either too small or crampy just to save a little of money. This is not a wise decision and most importantly, an uncomfortable one.

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Bath tubs are also available in varying shapes and sizes. An oblong shaped bath tub is now quickly being replaced with more contemporary styles such as corner bath tubs and even fully circular ones.

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To learn more about how placing a bath tub affects the bathroom and the different styles of bath tubs that are currently in trend, do visit sites like and which offer excellent design tips for everyone wanting to take their bathroom to a different level.

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