Fix leaky faucet

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What if the tap in the bathroom broke ??

Crane in the bathroom thing is that we use every day, many times a day. No wonder that sometimes they stop working, start to flow, etc.

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How to fix the situation yourself ???

First step

Need to cut off water supply to the faucet.

The second step.

We examine the crane for cracks or defects case leading to fix leaky faucet. If something is found it can be corrected by using sealant or silicone. If the appearance of all normally go to the next step

The third stepFix leaky faucet foto 2

Take off tap and look at the gasket (weak point often fails). However, before you lift the crane must carry out a series of operations:
• Open Valve and releases the water;
• Unscrew carts from the mixer and carefully drain in a pre-prepared container;

Fix leaky faucet foto 3

Fix leaky faucet foto 4 Then inspect the lining if it lost its elasticity or deformed – replace. When replacing draw attention to the fact that the new gasket must forcefully take the place of the old.
If all of the padding normally go on

Fourth step

Often cartridge goes down, leading to worse pressure at the tap and fix leaky faucet. Replacing the cartridge is not a complicated procedure but also requires a certain sequence of actions:

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• Raise knife or screwdriver decorative cap and remove it;
• unscrew the screw;
• Remove the lever;
• Remove the cartridge and install in its place a new,
• Produce collection.

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