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Benefits Of Dual Flush Toilets

The dual flush toilet is the newest innovation in bathroom technology is. This toilet permits you to select between a flush of liquid waste and one for solid waste. The reason for this is that the flush that is used for liquid waste uses considerably less water than the flush for solid waste. You will reduce your consumption of water if you purchase and install a dual flush toilet, which permits you to select between a low or high volume flush for all purposes.


You will also reduce your water bill considerably, which will save you money, and you will be doing your part in protecting our environment and help to minimize the ecological damage to society. There has been researching that has determined that using the dual flush toilet will save water consumption by as much as 67% as compared to the traditional toilet.

These considerable water savings have resulted in some countries, particularly those who are experiencing a water shortage, to pass laws making all new installations of the dual flush toilets mandatory. They are also highly recommended in areas of North America, where the technology is relatively new, where drought is a concern that is ongoing. Ecologists have been promoting the dual flush for a long time in North America.


It has only been about ten years since the dual flush toilet was first introduced to the market for consumers. The demand hasn’t been particularly his because there aren’t many people who are aware of this innovative new technology. The primary reason for this is that usually, most homeowners don’t replace their toilets until it is absolutely necessary. However, the new dual flush system is being promoted by many environmentalists who have prompted numerous businesses to invest in this technology which is sure to catch on.


The benefits of the dual flush toilet

The benefits of the dual flush toilet are that they are not only a worthwhile investment in the long run and they save water which decreased the damage to our ecology and reduces your water bill. Because they are less likely to break down, they also require less ongoing maintenance than the conventional toilet.


The only disadvantage to the dual flush toilet is that they require some complex plumbing for their installation. This is not a typical homeowner kind of project unless you are an especially skilled plumber. There aren’t many people who understand them yet because the technology is relatively new. To install one you need to call a plumber who is a professional plumber to make sure that your new dual flush toilet works as advertised.

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