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How useful hot shower

Many people take a shower and do not even think about its properties. If you read the medical literature and folk treatments you can meet many positive articles about the healing properties of the hot shower.

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What treats hot shower:

– Stress and insomnia;
– Cough and runny nose;
– Arthritis and muscle pain;
– Migraine;
– Dry skin;

Of course the full therapeutic effect does not shower but is complementary therapy and helps to quickly relieve some of the symptoms above mentioned ailments.

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To get the maximum benefit from a hot shower can be added to water eucalyptus oil and other oil extracts that help relax.

However, we must remember that in order to benefit a shower was the water temperature and duration of the procedure were within normal limits, that water should not wake too hot (over 38 degrees C) and the duration to 15 minutes.

Long influence of hot water in the body, people can also be negative, so before making a therapy with hot shover consult your doctor on the feasibility of this method of treatment for you.

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