How to install a pedestal sink in bathroom, instruction to install

How to install a pedestal sink

Do you need an open look in your bathroom? You can do this by installing a stylish yet affordable pedestal sink in it. Pedestal sink saves you space as compared to traditional sink as well as vanity. When it comes to installing this kind of sink, you need a helping hand since it might challenge you on your own. Below are detailed steps on how to install apedestal to install a pedestal sink

Basic considerations

This sink comes in two different pieces- the sink basin and the pedestal. The plumbing must fit in the pedestal that rests on the floor and the sink basin is attached to the wall and rests on the pedestal. You will be required to give up space below the sink basin that you could otherwise use for cabinet and vanity. Installing it might be a piece of work and if your plumbing needs to be relocated first, you require a professional for this.

how to install a pedestal sink

Step 1

Turn off your water supply and turn on your faucet to get rid of pressure in the pipes.

Step 2

For extra strength, there are those pedestal sinks that need a support board. This board is placed behind the finished wall. Take note of the height of the sink by marking the wall. To reveal the studs, cut off the wallboard – just part of it. Use a jigsaw to notch the studs. This is for the support board. Use screws to support the board to the studs.

Step 3

Install wall tile or paint the wall for repair.

Step 4

Take note of the centerline of the floor and the sink on the wall by marking it. From the wall, mark 10 inches for the baseboard. The measurements might be different depending on the sink. Place the pedestal on this mark and place the sink against the wall tightly.

Step 5

Confirm its level and make pedestal adjustments where needed. To level it, you can use the adhesive gaskets under the basin.

Step 6

On the wall, mark the anchor holes of the sink. Do the same on the floor for the pedestal holes. Place the pedestal and the sink aside to drill the required holes.

Step 7

Having an extension of an inch from the wall, install hanger bolts on the wall. Using a washer  and a lag bolt, secure the pedestal on the floor without tightening it too much.

Step 8

Prior to placing the sink bowl, attach the drain and the faucet. Over the hanger bolts,         position      the     bowl. After this, level and secure it using washers and cap nuts. Do not tighten too much.

Step 9

Reconnect the water supply and the drain. Check if there are any leaks.

how to install a pedestal sink

This is a guide on how to install a pedestal sink. To use it, you should have already removed the vanity and cabinets if they were there. After installing this sink, you can add a mirror as well as a lighting fixture to complement the new look. This is how to install a pedestal sink easily without really hiring a professional.

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