Ice bath benefits

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How to prepare ice bath

Bathing at the end of the working day very pleasant procedure. Typically hot tub completely relieves stress and relaxes your muscles. However, many people are not even aware of Ice bath benefits

Ice bath benefits

These procedures take a bath in most athlete after heavy workouts. Under the correct technique and regular schedule taking ice baths positively influence the regenerative processes of the body, contributing to tidal forces and improve athletic performance.

Ice bath benefits are that the low temperature creates positive effect on the muscles, reduces pain, helps with dislocations and stretching.

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If you You want to feel the benefits of Ice bath benefits you need to prepare:

  • Prepare ice packs and dip in a bath. The water temperature should be about 15 degrees
  • Immersion process should be gradual, and the water should cover only the lower part of the body to the chest
  • The duration of such a procedure should not exceed 10 minutes

P.S. After the Ice Bath need to take a hot shower or hot bath for 30-60 minutes. Before the procedure in ice water bath should consult a physician regarding your health because the bath can be harmful to you

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