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5 Ways To Make A Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

Houses are becoming smaller every decade, meaning every room in the house becomes smaller even bathrooms. However even though bathrooms are smaller, you do not have to feel cramped in with no room to breathe. By use of some simple interior design bathrooms ideas, a small bathroom can feel bigger, here are 5 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger.

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Go For Antique pieces

Although modern types of interior design bathroom designs are beautiful, nothing can beat the classical styles that antiques come in. Smaller in nature, decorating with an antique offers bathroom users the illusion that the space is bigger. Still with antique spaces designs set to divert from the usual 4 legs, one can get a simple one that will work effectively in the available space without making it feel crowded.

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Use clear glass on the shower

In most interior design bathrooms ideas, most designers usually advice that opaque glass should be used for some sense of privacy. However in a small bathroom, it makes it look and feel smaller.Interior design bathrooms foto 3

To make the space flow, clear glass should be used as a divider. Privacy in this area is a small issue, as normally people don’t use the bathrooms together.

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Raise the bar

Bathroom vanities and cupboards usually differ in design and distance from floor. However to make the bathroom look bigger go for one that has a pedestal style, saving a few crucial inches from the floor.

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Not only will it look beautiful but the extra space at your feet will make it seem bigger than it actually is. has some good ideas on some types and designs to choose from.

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Paint the bathroom one color

The bathroom unlike other rooms does not have a specific focal point. In this case everything is noticeable when one walks in. Although you may want to divide spaces in the bathroom with different paint colors, this is not advisable as it will make an already small bathroom even smaller.

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Instead go for one color from the ceiling to the walls as it makes the bathroom seems endless from the door. In addition some of the uneven corners and shapes disappear in the color, making it virtually expand.

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Use Big Mirrors

Big mirrors make a small bathroom look and feel twice as big as its actual size. In this case a mirror from the floor to the ceiling is recommended. However if there is no space, the wall just above the vanity should be used.

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Still with some ideas of small interior design bathrooms drawers like the ones in, just enough space is left to hold all your items and leave enough space for the mirror, making it bigger and brighter.

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