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On The Hunt For A Large tub? Four Golden Rules For Selecting The Right One

There is nothing better than a long relaxing both inside a large tub. Forget about jumping quickly in the shower because you are in a rush to get somewhere; taking the time to enjoy a lengthy bath is a soothing reward and a meditative reprieve that will treat you to a memorable personal experience. When it comes to purchasing a bathtub, the spectrum of choices range from the purely aesthetic ones to those that carry comfort. It does not matter what you are looking for because large tubs represent everything from the basic alcove tub to the modern slipper kind.

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Whether you are remodeling or looking to add a bathtub to your bathroom, here are four golden rules that will enable you to select the perfect one for you:

•Consider quality first, and price second

Going for cheap bathtubs will be more costly in the long run. For instance, when replacing an alcove bathtub, a number of bathroom tiles will inevitably be destroyed. While drop-in baths are expensive, they are also durable and easy to replace. Even during reinstallation, the whole bathroom would not need remodeling. Quality tubs also come with good warranties, as such, you will a good bang for your buck.

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Splurge on that massage system

Although large tubs are relaxing; imagine the combination of a hot bath that is coupled with a massage system to get rid of any stress after a hard day! In order to enhance your bathing experience as well as relieve your joints, invest in a hydrothermal massage system for bathtubs. These systems account for good heat and pressure distribution, automatic dryness and a full massage experience.

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•Go for comfort above everything else

The best way to choose a bathtub is to try it on! While many people may assume that their large tub of choice would work perfectly, some end up being disappointed. As such, it is important to consider the backrests, the ability to fully extend your legs, the armrests, and the grab bars. The last thing you want is to purchase a bathtub that will not work efficiently.

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Material, material, material!

Contrary to belief, enamel-coated cast iron bathtubs are not the only ones that exist. Modern bathtubs are also made of acrylic fiberglass and porcelain enamel steel among many other materials. While choosing the best surface or material for your tub may be confusing, it is important to research on the kind of material that will work best for the long term.

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There you go! Four bathtub selection rules that will ensure you never get disappointed. The final decision of the right bathtub should only be yours and should not be delegated.

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Together with your contractor’s installation advice and designer’s unique style that will complement your décor, your bathroom will be your favorite place in the house!

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