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5 Creative Little Bathroom Ideas

A small bathroom requires innovative little touch-ups to make it more appealing. Your goal is to make sure that everything fits into the tiny space, but that isn’t an easy task. One needs to design the little available space in a way that it can fit the sink and the toilet while ensuring other stuff such as cabinets and the shower get plenty of space too.

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The bathroom mirror, toilet roll holder, and towel rails also need some space. Below are some of the most thoughtful and practical little bathroom ideas you can take advantage of to make the most out of a small bathroom area.

Little bathroom ideas- Lighting

  • This sounds a hoax, but it works. Go for lighting that will play well with wall colors and general aesthetics of the small space. The function of this form of lighting is to create an illusion of space. Ensuring that every corner of the tiny space is well lit gives you a chance of utilizing the space around the edges. You may as well consider lighting that targets particular parts of the bathroom (shower area, dressing area, etc.). Natural and artificial light sources will work but don’t forget to install lighting systems that are approved for bathroom use.

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Mirrors & Shower Doors – little bathroom ideas

  • For your little bathroom you barely have a choice to use those large dressing mirrors. A mirror cabinet or a flat wall (hanging) mirror can do well. Of you decide to choose a small flat mirror, place your mirror behind the sink and ensure it doesn’t cut at the waist or chest. Check here for more ways that you can use to design a mirror for your little bathroom. You can place the mirror in the shower, behind the window or even on the shower door.

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Traditional swinging doors take much of the little space in your bathroom. Try bi-fold or sliding doors, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of space you can save. Shower curtains can also substitute the entire idea of installing shower doors.

Little bathroom ideas-Install a Corner Sink

  • If you can’t buy the idea of purchasing a small sink, then you can still install a corner sink. Sometimes, the pedestal sink can disrupt the little traffic space in your bathroom. Install a corner sink across from the toilet rather than from the shower to prevent the awkward situation caused by swinging doors. But if you’ve already installed a bi-fold door, you won’t have many problems.

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Use Open Shelves

  • For you to avoid cluttered stuff that may make the tiny space unusable, open shelf cabinetry allows you store and display various dressing items you may need. This eliminates the necessity of using cabinets creating an extra space. This space will provide you a better and ample area for traffic and relaxation. Arrange your shelves decoratively to give your bathroom that attractive look.

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  • Towel Rail – Is the towel rail consuming a lot of space? Where else can you hang it to save space? First, consider storing a bulk of your towels in a linen closet. Then, mount a towel rail on the shower door is ideal. For those using a shower curtain, it may not be hard to find a space for the rail.

You can as well consider a wall-mounted tap, extending the worktop over the toilet and tile restructuring as some of the simplest practical little bathroom ideas. Some of the best ideas on how you can choose the best mirror for a small bathroom are explained at Remember that the design you choose for your bathroom rests solely on your personal interests and the space available

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