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Mirror as an important part of bathroom design

All serious main bathroom ideas include the issue of vanity mirrors incorporated in the overall bathroom design. As bathroom is an important part of your living space, it should provide a relaxing, bright, safe and pleasurable ambiance.

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Mirrors play a significant role in obtaining such atmosphere. As a matter of fact, mirrors are the key ingredients in creating a bright, spacious design and represent the cheapest and most efficient way of optically increasing the room.

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Another important issue are the colors. As a matter of fact, colors and mirrors together can create an excellent interior design or ruin the whole concept if chosen inappropriately. Here are some main bathroom ideas with special focus on mirrors and colors.


Position and importance of vanity mirrors

Vanity mirrors are usually placed above the bathroom sink and play an important role in enabling doing proper and easy personal hygiene routine. As a matter of fact, they are an inevitable part of your bathroom, both from the aspect of functionality and aesthetics.

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If you own a free-standing bath tub, main bathroom idea can be organizing the space around it and, in this case, the correct way of positioning your mirror is placing it slightly above the upper edge of the tub. You can find some truly inspiring ideas on Bathroom interior website, following this link:


Types of bathroom mirrors

Today, there are plenty of options when choosing your vanity mirror. They all have advantages which are to be opt for under special circumstances. For example, one of the main bathroom ideas when it comes to lighting would be choosing the lighted mirror. This is the best decision if your bathroom has a rather poor lighting and the possibilities of enhancing it are limited.

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Additionally, lighted mirror is aesthetically pleasing, functional and the best way of bringing light sources right there where you need them the most. If you are the type of person which enjoys using many different hygiene and cosmetic products, you certainly need a lot of storage space. Medicine and cosmetics cabinets are the most convenient choice. Additionally, placing a mirror on the cabinet doors will drastically change the bathroom interior.

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Counter top mirrors are the best choice if you opt for vintage look of your bathroom interior. Nowadays, there are numerous innovations making one’s life easier, even in case of bathroom. Fog-less mirrors, impact-resistant and safety mirrors are among them.


Mistakes to avoid when choosing bathroom mirror

Some important aspects of the proper mirror choice include size, shape and color. Unless you are planning to completely cover a wall with a mirror, e.g. the wall opposite to the bathtub, don’t oversize the mirror.

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Shape should be either in a complete contrast to your bathroom furniture or follow it. The in-between solutions are usually a failure. If you are not a pro yourself, or if you won’t ask for some professional advice, stay on the safe side and accompany your mirror design line with the furniture design (except if you are bold in terms of interior design).

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Colors are allowed. However, prior to choosing something common and falling into monotonous bathroom interior, check some brave ideas at They recommend using black mirror if you are looking for an elegant design. The issue of choosing wall color is easy to solve in this case: all shades of grey will fit perfectly. In this case, your bathroom furniture should be in nudes or beige.

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These were some of the main bathroom ideas regarding mirrors and harmonizing them with the rest of your bathroom design elements, including furniture shape, colors, wall papers and lighting.

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