Narrow bathroom designs

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Interesting design element-Narrow bathroom designs

Many people desire lavish and luxurious bathrooms, yet space issues can hinder them from decorating the area according to their preferences. While narrow bathroom designs might have less area to work with, there is no reason why this space cannot be transformed into a stunning and posh washroom.

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There are many tips and tricks that can help you identify ways in which you can use narrow bathroom designs and make the area look bigger, adjust material in naturally and with sophistication.

Ditch the tub and opt for showers:

While tubs can give a very rich feel to bathrooms, they take up more space in the bathroom. Instead, go for a luxurious shower. Since the shower can easily be adjusted on the midsection of the wall, you will have ample of space underneath to fit a toiletry area where you can decorate your body washes, soap, loofahs and other items.

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Moreover, instead of getting opaque curtains for the shower, invest in good quality glass barriers that may give the illusion of more space in the narrow bathroom designs.

Use light design elements:

Darker shades give a mysterious and alluring feel to the bathroom; however, it can also make the area look crammed. In case of narrow bathroom designs, opt for lighter shades of items such as the sink. Moreover, paint the bathroom walls white or beige as well, this will help make the area seem more opened up.

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You can also invest in items that can be attached to the wall as opposed to being placed on the floor such cupboards and mirrors. Incorporating more mirrors into the bathroom will reflect the back image and give the illusion of a bigger bathroom!

Get multi-purpose bathroom items:

Instead of investing in products that serve a purpose separately in narrow bathroom designs, invest in products that can help you achieve two or more tasks, without spending the extra money. For example, instead of buying a radiator and a towel hanger, invest in portable heated towel rail.

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This rail can be taken off and reused at any time. Not only does it keep the towel nice and roasted. It also allows you to save room that you would have utilized for a towel hanger.  If you love having dry towels all the time, then a traditional towel radiator may be a better choice for you.

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This unique accessory not only keeps clothes and towels dry. But the heat from the radiator also helps keep humidity at bay. There are many designs you can choose from, so find the one that fits well in the area.

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