Painting bathroom vanity

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Painting bathroom vanity like a Pro

Having a bath is no longer a regular activity for most people of the 21st century. Many people have converted bathroom spaces to areas that they can relax for hours while watching their favorite shows or listening to their best albums for hours. Usually, bathtubs with the capability of holding hot water are installed to offer comfort to the users. It is always advisable to keep the bathroom areas as clean as possible.

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This is for the purpose of hygiene preservation as well as creating a conducive environment for a to bathe in. bathroom cabinets are some of the important accessories that should be carefully installed and painted. Painting bathroom vanity requires the input of professional skills. This is primarily because the colors used in painting accessories in the bathroom affects the serenity of the environment. It would be recommendable to use attractive and bright colors within the bathroom environment

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First off, it is essential to have a good color selected. The main factor to consider when selecting the paint color to be used is the wall color already used in the bathroom. The color selected should be complementary to the wall colors as well as with other accessories within the environment.

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Selecting the wrong color would only cause a color crush and lead to a very unpleasant environment. Additionally, when selecting the paint colors, it would be important to stick to the right colors as they help in maintaining the neatness that a bathroom environment deserves.

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When doing the painting work, using a foam roller would be recommended. The main reason for using the roller is that it eliminates the possibility of creating lines of paint rushes after the paint works. Additionally, when using the foam roller, it should be rolled in one direction on the surfaces. However, on the surfaces that the roller cannot reach, it would be okay to use a paint brush. The paint brush should be moved on the surfaces of the vanity in one direction

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A painter’s tape should also be placed where the vanity meets the wall. This is a strategy used to create a straight line so that the paint does not get on the wall gradually. Thus, to get a professional painting bathroom vanity job done, it is necessary to put up the tape before the whole job is started. Further, using a primer or a paint de-glosser is essential. This is an activity that prepares the surfaces of the vanity for painting. It makes it possible for the paint to hold onto the surface and give the best result.

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It may be necessary to apply more than one coats on the surface of the vanity. There should be four hours intervals allowed before applying the next coat to give the best result. After the paint job is completed, the wet paint on the vanity should be left to dry without interference.

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