Pillar bath taps classic, modern, features and varieties

Pillar bath taps for you

Are you struggling to find the perfect pillar bath taps that will suit your needs? Look no further. Below I shall give you a list of pillar bath taps to choose from.


This bath tap comes in a pair which cold being one faucet and hot being the other which will allow you to enjoy a temperature at your own pace. This is also a great design for you, if you love simplicity. Its brass body is covered in chrome to avoid it from rusting and to protect it. It has a low bar pressure if 0.2. This is great for a smooth flow.

Pillar bath taps


Do you like vintage and looking for the perfect vintage tap to fit your needs?

Well Trinity pillar bath taps come especially designed to keep things simple, yet sophisticated. With this simple design, you are guaranteed to have a lifetime of admiration. These taps come with a low bar pressure of 0.2. This is good news, because now you don’t have to worry about your tap not being able to handle high water flow.

It comes in a pair with the hot faucet being separate as well as the cold faucet. This way, you can enjoy the temperature at your own level. Trinity bath taps has a brass body. In order to ensure a lasting impression, the brass body is coated in chrome and will be protected against rust.

Pillar bath taps


This modern, new design is specifically suited for you if you enjoy a dash of elegance in your bathroom. It’s design is made with both cold and hot faucets together so you won’t need two separate faucets anymore. The taps bar pressure has a low pressure of 0.1 which is great for water flow. The tap is made up of brass with a chrome finish to avoid the taps from rusting.

Pillar bath taps


If you’re looking for a hint of class in your bathroom, then this is the tap for you. This classy tap comes with a bar pressure of 0.2. What does this mean? This means that you’ll have a easy and fast flow of water coming through your taps. The taps body is made up of brass and is double-dipped in chrome for an everlasting surface and rust prevention.

Pillar bath taps

If you are looking to own good quality pillar bath taps to add an edge to your bathroom, or if you are just simply looking for something new in your bathroom, then these taps will work for you.

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