Plumbing fixtures

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Choosing plumbing fixtures

To create a good bathroom to draw attention to many factors, such as the color of bathroom furniture design and plumbing fixtures

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The color and design can choose and create each person according to their preferences, but with plumbing fixtures harder.

plumbing fixtures is high % of all items in the bathroom. It includes faucets, taps, shower, toilet tank, all counters etc.
When the question of a choice element we often do not know what to choose and how to make a choice.

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What to look for when choosing plumbing ???

– Generally manufacturers. Market leaders considered: Teka (Spain); Jacob Delafon (France); Supergrif, Ideal Standard (US)
– The date of production. If you buy a crane, in its composition includes a rubber membrane that can deteriorate over time and will trickle from the tap water.
– The presence of all components. Often there are times when you come home from the store and find that missing some parts – agree it creates inconvenience

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