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How to Make Pretty bathrooms

Many people in the repair of the bathroom asking “how do pretty bathrooms not inviting designer ???”

To create pretty bathrooms need to answer the following questions:
– Bathroom design continues the style of the house or have radically different?
– Whether sufficient size of the room?
– The bathroom is a place of rest or a place of care?

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Then you should have a rough mental model of your pretty bathrum. According to the answers to the questions begin repair bathroom

The answer to the first question gives an idea of ​​the overall design concept. If you keep the style of the house – is The easiest option. In this case, you take the key design elements of the building and most probably carry them to the bathroom. Color will also be close to the colors used in the design of the building.

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The second option, if the bathroom design is different from the concept design of the house – a difficult task. In this case, when planning the interior you are working according to the answer the second and third questions.

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– If small size bathroom in priority for you to be bright colors, which visually enhance the bathroom.
– If a large bathroom you can experiment with different combinations of dark and bright colors.
– Bathroom – for you a place of rest, respectively will work on its interior make pretty bathrooms by placing various decorative detail, flowers, vases ….
– Bathroom – a place for hygiene and no more, in this case, use the tactics of minimalism, not overcrowd the design, leave just everything you need.

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Tip for making pretty bathrooms.

To save on materials and accessories buy all winter, because this time of year most of discounts and promotions. However, do repairs in the warm season, so that proper temperature for rapid hardening cement, glue …

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