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How To Choose Heated Towel Rails For A Bathroom Renovation

Reaching for a cold towel can be really unpleasant after a hot bath or shower. It is no wonder that stainless steel heated towel rails  and household heating supplies that can provide custom heating solutions are so popular.

They are also more affordable. Here are tips that can be used to find the right heating solution for any home.

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In the past, many people wanted to include radiant heated towel rails in their homes, but they were quite expensive.As well, less expensive models were often not dependable and may have malfunctioned in ways that made them very unsafe as well.

Now this has changed, and modern rails can be installed that will be much safer and more dependable than the models that were common years ago.

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When shopping for radiant heated towel rails, it is a good idea to make a few fundamental decisions. One of the most important is how many towels the rail system can hold.

One of the most important is how many stainless steel heated towel rails can hold???

Different models can hold anything from one or two towels on a single rail to multiple rails that can heat a larger number of towels at the same time.

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Shopping for heated towel racks will show that there are also different ways that the racks are heated. One affordable option is to use a hot water system to heat the towel rack. This can tie into a home’s radiator system and use the same hot water to provide heat for towels.

Many people enjoy the use of hot water heating systems either as radiators or as radiant under floor heating.

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For homes without hot water heating, there are other models that may work better. One style can be hard-wired into a home’s wiring and can be turned on and off with a switch. This is fantastic because you are not running heat through the rack continuously.

The advantages of such systems

Because energy is not used to retain, the rails warm constantly limited overall energy is being used to run the system. This can be great for people who do not want a constant drain on their energy use.

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One consideration that is important is when the towel rack will be installed. If someone is renovating a bathroom and will have walls opened up anyway, it may not matter whether a lot of installation may be needed.

If, however, a rack will be added after renovations have been completed it may be better to choose ones that do not need hard wiring or do not need to be tied into a home’s system of hot water pipes.

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To get a good idea of the radiant heated towel rails options that are available it can be helpful to spend time shopping online and in stores. Bathroom supply sites and stores will often offer these items as will websites that offer different heating solutions for homes.

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