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Five Reasons To Get Excited About Radiator Whiskey Restaurant

The radiator whiskey is a restaurant located in the downtown Seattle. You can find this restaurant across the hall from matt’s market. The restaurant is a conversion of an ancient architecture’s office into a wood sheath bibliophilic restaurant filled with meat and whiskey. The restaurant’s food is well researched you can take it well with whiskey. Having said that here are five reasons why you can get excited about this restaurant.

The restaurant is not a speakeasy

When you visit this restaurant, you may feel a bit of prohibition. But being located in a second story building with high pitched ceiling, the restaurant will give you a feeling of drinking in an attic. Additionally, the real secrets happen in the bar’s back where there is a flask club which you’ll need to pay five hundred dollars to join. Once you join, you’ll get to own a prefilled container stored with your favorite spirit.

Enhanced food menu

The restaurant’s food menu is an enhancement of tasty food bits that are affordable. You’ll get food items like the crusted chicken liver of cornflake, pork free stew with Fritos, deep fried beef lips and half smoked pig head.

Lots of whiskeys

Having more than a hundred bottles of brown liquor behind its bar shelves. The radiator whiskey is a business end focal point display of whiskey barrels. Furthermore, this restaurant is made with distillery and two bar spirits out of Washington grain. In the restaurant’s back, you will find its bathroom fitted with modern taps where you can clean yourself comfortably.

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To get the idea of the Taps visit this link http://bathroomzones.com/bathroom-taps-images/. Additionally, the bathrooms are equipped with automatic Taps which are highly hygienic and can maintain the faucet clean and dry to get an idea how they look visit this link http://bathroomzones.com/automatic-taps-bathroom/.

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Zero snobbery from bartender

The bartender of this restaurant is a down to earth individual and will attend to every customer needs regardless of their social status. Furthermore, he is the most likable person in that he entertains clients and builds up the business reputation.

The restaurant’s cocktail are comfortable to consume

You can comfortably drink the restaurant’s cocktail which is made of rhubarb bitters, bourbon, and Rama Zotti amaro.The cocktail’s other name is Showgirl considered as a G-rated name. Furthermore, this cocktail includes barrel-aged creation and adept concoctions that don’t contain whiskey.


The radiator whiskey is a restaurant that provides you with an enhanced food menu and different kinds of drinks to enable you to have an enjoyable time.

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