Reglazing Do’s or Not. How to take care of your new bath.

Reglazing can do wonders for home improvement!

A simple step to a polished and refined upgrade to any washroom. Why reglaze your tub rather than replace it? Its simple. Replacing your tub requires many hours of labour, new costly materials, un for-seen hidden costs and many other variables. Hidden costs include replacing old pipes, additional plumbing needs and also extra time! The process is extremely time consuming. After the reglaze, the bathtub needs approximately one week to cure before anyone can use it. Though this is not an easy quick fix for your tub at home, it is much more convenient then replacing the entire tub in whole.

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What does the bathtub reglazing process entail?

Reglazing the bathtub removing and stripping off the old glaze and sanding down the tub. The tub then must be cleaned and several layers of finish must be applied after primer application. Between each coat, your bath tub must be sanded. This process also involves many materials that generate heavy fumes, be sure that the washroom you are working in is very well ventilated. A professional refinisher is expected to take approximately four and six hours to complete a reglaze project.

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After care in maintaining a beautiful refinished bathtub is very important! You did put in all of this time, money and effort towards the project after all. It is important that abrasive cleaners, such as bleach are not used, as these will ruin the new coating. Cleaning tools such as steel wool should also be kept away, as these will damage the surface of the new tub. Gentle, non- abrasive kitchen cleaners will definitely be a better option to utilize during the cleaning process for your tub.

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While keeping the after care of the re-glazed in mind, it is important to note that bathtub mats will also harm the surface of the bathtub if they have suction cups! They will cause tearing in the coating. Urethane polish is a great substance to use when trying to prolong the life of the reglaze for your bathtub. This product is a wax that should be applied every six months. When using this product, it is important to note that the tub will be slippery to use after the application and cleaning care.

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After speaking to benefits of a reglaze project, it is easy to say that this is a much more sufficient project than replacing a tub in the washroom. It is sustainable, adds a clean modern look to the washroom, and provides an overall finished update! A reglaze job is definitely recommended for anyone looking to update their worn down washroom.

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