Small bathroom drawers – photos, pictures and recommendations on selection

Small bathroom drawers

For the homeowners who are working with a smaller sized bathroom and drawer space, there are several things you should consider to either create more space or give off the illusion that more space exists when you are working with Small Bathroom Drawers.

The use of the drawers, lighting, additional mirrors, and the right style of decor are all things which can be done to give off that illusion of more space in the bathroom. Additionally, considering the spacing, and how far apart to place things from one another, you can easily make a smaller space.

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One great option to consider is choosing wall mounted drawer to install into the space. Considering something with storage space, drawers, and organizational aspects beneath the drawer is a great way to maximize the limited space you have in a smaller bathroom.

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Not only will you be able to have more storage, and easily put things away without taking up additional space in the bathroom, but you can also remove certain things like towel racks from your walls, to place additional decor around the room.

If you are not a fan of the wall mounted Small Bathroom Drawers, choosing a corner drawer is another choice to consider. This allows you to get the most out of the limited space, not waste any space or corners, and still have that additional storage, and space throughout the bathroom, giving it a larger appearance.

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Finally, an option that has become very popular with modern remodelers is a drawer that has a narrow depth. In addition to placing new pieces in the space, considering other options for decor in the room is also something to keep in mind.

You will find that by adding in oval framed bathroom mirror, you are going to give off a larger look and feel to space. Even though they will not physically add space, they will give off a feeling of more space when you are in the bathroom.

They will also add more depth and width to a smaller space, and create the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it is.

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Working around your drawer, lighting is also critical to the bathroom, style, and theme, and to giving off the larger room feel. Whether you go with hanging light fixtures, or ceiling installed light fixtures, this will give off a larger feel. No matter what size your small bathroom may be, the right choice of drawer, along with the right lighting, mirrors, and overall decor, are things to keep in mind when decorating a smaller bathroom.

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