Small pedestal sink design and photography

What is a small pedestal sink?

A small pedestal sink is an ideal fixture for a small bathroom in a home. It offers both a modern and traditional look to the room where it is installed. These sinks are available in different styles, such as traditional, contemporary and modern, which are made of durable materials, like ceramic, wood, granite, acrylic, and metal.

small pedestal sink

Design of small pedestal sinks

You can buy these petite pedestal sinks according to the decor of your bathroom, as they come in different colors, shapes, and with attractive finishes. The signature appearance of these undersized pedestal sinks is an elongated slim porcelain bottom that supports a profound and broad basin. However, they do not feature cabinetry or decoration, which makes them one among the top sinks in contemporary design.

Why should you choose a small pedestal link?

The major benefit of installing a small pedestal sink in your bathroom is that it is one among the best-designed bathroom accessory, which is available at an affordable cost. These useful and stylish sinks are not only designed to be stylish in their look, but they are also designed to occupy less space in your bathroom. If you have limited space in your bathroom and want to enhance the charm of your bathroom in an affordable way, then these petite pedestal sinks are the ideal accessory for you.

Decorating your small bathroom needs some attention to detail. If you want to combine both functionality and style in your bathroom, then a petite pedestal sink may be the ideal option for you. Even though these sinks do not occupy much space, their stylish neck and their base can change a small dreary bathroom into an attractive washroom.

small pedestal sink

If you would like to make an exceptional statement in your small bathroom, then you can beautify it with a pedestal sink that is made of wood. A wooden pedestal sink will combine a natural bottom and a stone washbasin to make you feel as if you are drinking from a natural mechanism.

How to install these sinks?

Prior to installing a small pedestal sink, you may have to move your plumbing or smooth out your current bathroom floor. It is vital that the neck of the pedestal sink should hold your plumbing and that it is supposed to stand on level footing. If your bathroom floor is irregular, then you may experience water catchment problems in due course.

small pedestal sink

Usually, small conventional pedestal sinks come with rich decorations across their stem and their basin. You can choose both ornamental surfaces and beveled surfaces, which will deliver a stylish texture to the decor of your home.

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