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A small toilet bathroom can be well organized and decorated to make it look great, fashionable and fully functional. Since small spaces are hard to arrange and furnish, the toilette is one of things that need to be squeezed to fit in the best way possible. Here are some of the tips to help you arrange a small toilet design while using the very space in a modern stylish way.

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Effective colors

If you want a small bathroom space to seem larger and more effective, use white, light gray or cream with a small piece of ardent color like in the piece of wall behind the mirror.Dark and muted colors should be avoided on large arrears to prevent closed and reduction of space. Curtains, soap dish, towels, pictures on the wall and vases are some of the details that forms of different colors can be inserted.

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These should be simple and in smaller or medium size. The largest size should be (25*50cm) for a small toilet design. Use mosaic tiles on part or the whole wall which can be simple and in bright colors and without contrasting patterns. In a small space, patterns like dice, stripes or flower details looks more refreshing and must not be overdone.

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One can also set up two types of tiles which are similar in color and pattern, in horizontal stripes. The contrast between the two types of tiles should be as small as possible for a better result.

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Sanitary wares

Large wash basins and massive tabs must be avoided to avoid instant clogging of the entire space. You can achieve an extra room for the cabinet or toilet by installing a corner semicircular bathtub or showers with or without a tab.

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Use a built in model of a wash basin which provides an extra space underneath that can be filled with toilets or cleaning products. Use a flushing cistern built in to the wall because it leaves room for shelves and other things.

Sizeable mirrors

It is very important in a small bathroom and should be as large as possible and without dark frames or backgrounds. The mirror should be placed in the whole free wall above the sink and any other places aside from the obvious.

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Make the most of a small space by selecting the hanging or built-in cabinets that are mounted under a wash basin. You can achieve a similar effect with wall-mounted and free standing shelves which are cheaper but equally interesting and useful. Choose a simple and smooth surface and create custom furniture.

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All these are available in different taste, colors, sizes and designs at and, visit these links for more details.

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