Square Mirror in the Bathroom – ideas desing for bathroom

Ideas for designing a square mirror for the bathroom

A bathroom is your personal space which you use every day. It should therefore be a place you enjoy being in and a place to relax and loose yourself without being interrupted (that is why in some countries it is called a rest room).

square mirror in the bathroom foto-brown wooden frame

A bathroom should have a pleasing decor and a relaxing atmosphere. Central to making your bathroom a beautiful place is the type of mirror you choose because, most likely the first thing you see when you enter your bathroom is the mirror, staring back at you, like it can see your innermost part!

square mirror in the bathroom foto-classic style

If you are thinking of getting a mirror, then you should consider a square mirror in the bathroom, because it will blend into your bathroom wall space and give it a pleasant and appealing look.

square mirror in the bathroom foto-without frame

Stylized square mirrors

Square mirrors in the bathroom are an interesting addition to any bathroom decor. They come in different frames and sizes and you can choose the one that best suits your space. For example you can have a wooden frame if the decor of your bathroom is wood based.

square mirror in the bathroom foto-with a box

You can have an elaborate oyster shell mirror, which is encrusted in real oyster shell, that is, if you would like to bring the atmosphere of the ocean to your bathroom and feel like you are actually swimming in the ocean instead of just taking a bath.

square mirror in the bathroom foto-modern

A square mirror in the bathroom can come in different colors to match your unique taste and style. You may want to have an all white mirror which gives your bathroom a serene look. Talking about colors, the options are endless. You can choose bold or soft colors, you can go for gold or choose silvers, greens, blues. It all depends on your individual taste and your bathroom space.

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Let me talk about the size of a square mirror in the bathroom.

The advantage of have a square mirror in the bathroom is that it will fit into any wall space no matter how small. A square mirror gives the illusion of space and makes a small room look bigger than actually is. So, if you have a small bathroom, a square mirror could provide that illusion of space. For those of you who have big bathroom space, this is just the mirror for you. The options for frames are enormous and you can get a square mirror in your bathroom that has a large and yet lovely frame that fits into your big space.

square mirror in the bathroom foto-great

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