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Innovative Mirror Ideas for Style Bathrooms

Style bathrooms with bright colored painted walls, designed ceramic floor tiles and accessories like designer lights, sink, bath tub, shower make your home perfect. To add a finishing touch, you need to add a beautiful mirror with a comforting design.

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Bathroom beauty mirrors are the most important part of a bathroom. Proper setting of a mirror will change the look of the bathroom. A bathroom is a place meant to clean oneself up, and the mirror is a must have to show that one is now clean and ready to face the image conscious world. It can be used for countless reasons like brushing teeth, shaving, combing, grooming and much more.

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There are many types of mirrors like bronze, makeup, tri-fold, and fogless mirrors. You should always choose the one that fits the style of your home and bathroom.

When selecting a mirror, you should not only pay attention to its design, but also to its shape and size. Square mirrors for example usually get along well with all types of décor, and they range in sizes from ones that you can hold in your hand to those that can take up your entire wall.

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There exist many new innovative ideas on how to redecorate your style bathrooms regarding the mirrors like:

  • Duplicating the style by adding two mirrors of the same design next to each other.
  • Choosing a very unique and unconventional shape instead of the usual round and square.
  • Large mirrors always look impressive. Adding a frame to these mirrors will make it even more beautiful.

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  • Try hanging small or medium sized mirrors. Use a strong rope and attach it to your framed mirror (preferably mirrors with wooden frames) and hang then in your bathroom. Simple, but magical.
  • Instead of using an ordinary frame, use a horizontally wide frame. These are frames that extend horizontally from your mirror, with enough space in them to put your style bathroom items like your cups, medicine, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Hang two tall vertical shelves on each side of your mirror. These shelves can be used for decorative, practical storage or can be decorated with small figures or your favorite bathroom style decoration items.

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Try exotic framing. Don’t just settle for the conventional wooden frames, try framing your mirror in a glass frame, glass mosaic tiles, masonry tiles, or bricks depending on your bathroom’s style and general decoration. These can give a significant boost to your style bathrooms overall style.

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You can also try putting indoor plants in your style bathroom. Indoor plants add a sense of comfort to any part of the house, not just the bathroom. Put small indoor plants in front of your mirrors on shelves or counters, or bigger plants on the floor.

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Watch the jaw dropping designs yourself from http://bathroomzones.com/beauty-mirror-in-the-bathroom/  and http://bathroomzones.com/bathroom-mirror-design/

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