The hot tub

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Choosing a hot tub

Today the hot tub market is very large. But how to choose the best option among the giant of suggestions ???

Here are the steps

1) Determine the dimensions of the bathroom and they are determined according to the size of the tubthe hot tub foto 1
2) If the room is small bathroom need to look angular shapes to mark it in the corner of the bathroom. If on the contrary bathroom is a great looking round form the tub, because they look very cool in the center of Bath
3) Determined with the budget that we allocate to the hot tub. Generally good bath can be purchased for $ 1,000

the hot tub foto 2

Technical characteristics of the hot tub

– The optimal size of  tub – depth of 42-43 cm. With capacity up to 200 liters.
– The best length 1,7-2,0 meters
– Heart of the hot tub – the compressor, the element that creates the air flow, the more powerful the better effect you getthe hot tub foto 3
– For the massage function is also responsible water pump. For the bath volume 250 liters required pump power of 1 kW.

When choosing must pay attention to the availability guarantee.



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