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Small toilet bathroom: ingenious decorating ideas which add squares

You have a small toilet bathroom, and you have no idea how to decorate it? Even a small toilet bathroom can look great and be fully functional.


Small spaces are much harder to arrange and furnish, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Bath, toilette, washing machine and bathroom sink are just some of the things that need to be fixed ‘squeeze’ in several squares. But with some useful tips your space can be fashionable, beautiful and functional. The important thing is to organize everything in the best possible way.

Here are some clever solutions and helpful tips on how to arrange a small toilet bathroom, while using the every corner in the modern and stylish way.


Colors toilet bathroom

The color is one of the very important things to think about if you want a small bathroom space to seem larger and more effective. Avoid dark and muted colors on large areas because they close and reduce space. Use white, cream or light gray and combine them with only one small detail of ardent color like a piece of the wall behind the mirror. Colors can be inserted in the form of details such as pictures on the wall, vases, curtains, towels or soap dish, and toothbrushes.


Tiles should be as simple as possible, and their size should be smaller or medium-sized (25x50cm is a largest size of tiles for a small toilet bathroom). You can use mosaic tiles on the whole wall or just on part of it (since it is significantly more expensive compared to conventional tiles), but they should be simple and in bright colors, without contrasting patterns. Patterns such as stripes, dice or flower details on tiles in a small space are refreshing. But do not overdo it because it’s a fine line between beauty and kitsch.


Another trick is to set up two types of tiles (with similar colors and patterns) in horizontal stripes. It is important that the contrast between these two types of tiles is as small as possible. Also, soft details like curtains can be very effective in a small bathroom.


You can never have enough cabinets for cosmetics, towels and cleaning products. If you want to make the most of a small space, select the hanging or built-in cabinets that are mounted under a wash basin.


A similar effect you will achieve with the wall-mounted and free-standing shelves which are significantly cheaper than the furniture, but equally interesting and useful. Choose simple, smooth surface. When we talk about functionality, the maximum can be achieved by creating custom furniture. This is usually and unfortunately the most expensive option, but since you can’t fit a lot in a small bathroom, our advice is to invest a little more money in this item.



This is a very important item for small bathrooms – the mirror should be as large as possible, and without dark (or any) frames or backgrounds. The best option is to the whole free wall above the sink covered with the mirror. Of course, you can set up a mirror on the other places aside from the most obvious (over the bathroom sink) – be creative.


Sanitary wares

Avoid the massive tub and large wash basins because they can instantly clog up the entire space. Corner semicircular bathtubs or showers with and without tub will give you extra room for cabinet or toilet. Shower cabin should be with clear glass and without any opaque barrier, which visually reduces the space.


As far as for wash basins, a built-in model that fits into the cabinet will give you an extra space underneath that can be filled with towels or cleaning products. Flushing cistern built into the wall is a great option because leaves room for shelves for various little things that we keep in the bathroom toilet.

We hope that tips will help you to design your dream toilet bathroom.

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