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Toilet bowl brush holder for bathroom

Toilet brush holder – Toilet brush always has to be kept in the corner of your bathroom. You can make a small compartment keep this brush. Make sure the brush and the size and color of the brush match the look of the bathroom.

There are people around who will start retching at the very thought of using and having a toilet bowl brush holder holder in one of their toilets. They believe them to be gross, unsightly and a source of harm to their health. Instead, they pour brightly colored liquids into the bowl often followed by bleach in an attempt to remove and disguise any staining.

After considerable research, I cannot find any evidence associating any disease or illness with the mundane toilet brush. I can find considerable evidence of people being slightly disgusted when opening up the lids of such toilets!

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As the vast majority of homes possess one or more toilet bowl brush holder it has to be concluded that it is one of the most significant acquisitions and should be high on the list of cleaning equipment required in any new home. As it is so important, but often given little thought, how should we go about the process of purchasing one? A trip round any department store or online shop selling toilet brushes will quickly reveal that these items are sold on their design principles. Tempting you to purchase a brush that will fit in with you bathroom design and all the other accessories. As a result, you can pay anything from 99 pence to 180 for a full set of matching units.

If you look carefully at all this marketing what you will see is that it is directed not at the brush itself but the design of its container. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of all conceivable materials from the most basic to those which have a designer label. Putting all this aside what is most important is the design of the brush itself, not its container.

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So what qualities are we seeking in a good toilet brush?

The handle should not be of a rigid design. ( Prevents access to all areas of the toilet bowl)

In contrast, the handle should not be too ‘bendy.’ (If the handle is very flexible then this also makes cleaning tough especially if at times you need to ‘scrub’ as any force applied will directly cause it to bend).

Should not be made of wood. (Wood has a rough surface, even if it feels smooth, and therefore potentially harbors bacteria as well of course as being inflexible).

The head should be designed that it is cup shaped. (Allows all around brushing including under the rim and the base and upper surfaces of the U – bend).

The nature of the bristles is very important, invariably made of plastic they should not be completely rigid or packed too closely together. (A too rigid bristle structure or one were the bristles are very dense will preclude meaningful scrubbing of the toilet bowl especially under the rim structure).

The handle should have no attachments such as guards on it. (This will bang against the toilet bowl and prevent access to all areas of the bowl)

Some of the plastic and metallic handles have a screw on head, and these should also be avoided. (After frequent use the handle starts to unscrew itself and the head will keep coming apart).

When making your purchase always examine the brush part carefully and your decision should be based on the above principles and not the appearance of the container. It is the container which adds to the price of the item when the most important part is, in fact, the brush. When using the brush always rinse it off after use by using the flushing mechanism of the toilet, but over time the white bristles will yellow so this can be prevented by having a dilute solution of bleach within the container. This, of course, should be changed frequently. If you do not fancy that, then periodic soaking in a solution of bleach will equally do the job.

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Before finishing it may be that some of you are considering the alternative to the toilet brush; namely one of the disposable systems as they like to be called. These consist of a piece of disposable material soaked in toilet cleaner which is attached to an ergonomic handle. Using these we have found them to be very flimsy and are useless when it comes to any scrubbing action. However, they do cater for those who have a morbid fear of toilet cleaning and wish to clean at something more than arm’s length.

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