Traditional towel radiator for your bathroom. Interier and desing bathroom

Traditional Towel Radiator

We all love the feeling of wrapping a warm towel around ourselves after a shower. A traditional towel radiator not only transforms this wish into an actuality, but also acts as an awesome shower-room accessory; it is perfect for keeping your towels warm and dry. Even if your family is big and you need something effective enough for all the towels, a traditional towel radiator is just the answer.

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Furthermore, this towel radiator produces enough heat to reduce the humidity in your bathroom and keep it warm. Traditional towel radiators come in different cool designs; you can choose the one that best suits your needs and taste. Before you buy a traditional towel warmer, it is important to first take the measurements of your bathroom, to ensure that you don’t run of space or buy something that won’t fit perfectly. Read on to find out the benefits of using a traditional towel radiator; but before this, take a quick glance at how it works.

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How It Works

This towel warmer is integrated into the central heating system, which gives it the heat. It also has valves which are used to monitor the degree of heat emitted.

Benefits of this towel warmer include:

Cost Effectiveness

Traditional towel warmers utilize considerably less electric energy as compared to other towel heaters. As a matter of fact, their electric consumption is almost equal to that of a light bulb. Therefore, they are cost effective when your electricity bill is put into consideration.

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Ease Of Installation

With traditional towel warmers, you don’t have to hire an electrician or a plumber to do the installation for you. This is because the process of installation is pretty easy especially if you are confident. Below are installation instructions to guide you.

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Installation Guide

Before you begin the task, make sure that you drain the central heating system of all water. Next, open the valve installed on any already installed radiator and drain the water held therein. After the drainage is complete, remove this radiator from the wall (take care not to damage your floor). Then, install the bleed screws and nuts on the new radiator. When this is done, mount the towel radiator to the support brackets and connect the valves to the pipes. Then, adjust the radiator so that it is positioned perfectly; close the drain cock and let water into the heating system. Before you leave, make sure that you check for any leaks and then bleed the towel radiator so as to ensure perfect performance.

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