Tub mat and Design Ideas

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Bathroom and Tub mat Design Ideas

Designing a bathroom is one of the most enjoyable jobs as the bathroom improvement details are countless. Choosing the best bathtub, curtains, tiles, additional bathroom furniture, towels, tub mat and flowers can be a very expensive, but pleasurable experience. Here are some tips on how to combine colors, shapes and styles of your bathroom furniture, accessories and textiles and how to use space in the best possible way.

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How to chose the type, shape and size of the tub?

This heavily depends on the preferences of the user(s). Freestanding tubs are again fashionable. If this is the tub type you prefer, make sure the tub is round or oval. In this case, the rest of your bathroom furniture should also have a retro touch. Don’t forget to include a quality tub mat, as freestanding tubs usually don’t have as many handles as the built-in tubs do. This fact in combination with slippery floor could be very dangerous.

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Additionally, another tub mat can be placed in front of the tub to prevent accidents when exiting the tub.If you don’t own a rather spacious bathroom, you should consider choosing the built-in tub, as it can be easily positioned in one of the bathroom corners and it takes up less space than the freestanding version.

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Square or corner tubs are the best solution in this case. The size should depend on your height and the number of users who wish to use the tub simultaneously. If the bathroom is owned by a newly married couple, they could consider getting a two person tub. There are some very economical solutions in the market, such as hot containers for two, instead of standard expensive Jacuzzi’s.

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Getting a hydrotherapy-equipped tub for two is a great asset. Additionally, hot containers are versatile. Therefore, getting one will surely pay off, as it can be used both as a massage tub and the regular bathtub. Check http://bathroomzones.com/tub/ for more information on two-people hot tubs.

Bathroom furniture and textiles.

Bathroom furniture can be organic and geometric in shape. Both types are considered modern. However, you must be careful to fit it with the type and pattern of your tiles. Also, don’t forget that the sink and the tub should be complementary in style.

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Bathroom textiles should be durable, comfortable, moisture-resistant and safe. Safety is the most important factor in designing any aspect of a bathroom facility.

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Tub mats are the top elements among additional bath textiles increasing the safety level of your bathroom. Getting special tub mats should be considered if the tub is used by elderly people. There are many kinds of tub mats, including hypoallergenic and drainage tub mats which will enable a safe and pleasurable bathing experience.

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The design and color of tub mats should not interfere with the overall design of the bathroom as this accessory textile should be often changed and its key role is ensuring a safe bathing experience.

Tiles, colors and lighting.

Picking the correct type, shape, material, pattern and color of tiles can drastically change the overall appearance of your bathroom. Today, the colors range you can choose for tiles is not limited.

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There are thousands of patterns available in the market. However, you should opt for relaxing colors such as light blue, light green, marble white or beige, as your bathroom should be a temple of relaxation and care for your body. If you are looking for a luxurious design tips, try combining white and black marble with glass and golden sanitary elements.

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A good interior lighting is another key ingredient of a pleasant bathroom atmosphere. Ambient lighting is very popular lately. However, personal hygiene procedures which require a certain amount and type of light, such as shaving, dictate the standards of properly positioned lighting fixtures. There is some extra useful information on http://bathroomzones.com/bathroom-with-tub-and-shower/ on design ideas for your bathroom.

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