Unique toothbrushes holder for children and adults

Unique toothbrush holder for your bathroom

Modern home designs necessitate that you also keep cool items that can make your interiors even more glamorous. While some people prefer to put their toothbrush in ordinary glasses, this may not be bad, but it doesn’t match the exotic furnish in your bathroom. You need a unique toothbrush holder – something that motivates your kids to clean their teeth often. There are so many choices of toothbrush holders; let’s have a glance at some of them.

Several types of unique toothbrush holders:

1. Robot clips holders

There is nothing as cool as robot clip holders. They have several slots for holding your toothbrush, beard razor or just anything you want them to hold. They have a suction cup that makes them stick on the wall. If you have several toothbrushes in your bathroom, go for a model with as many holding points as possible.

2. Glass toothbrush holder

We are not talking about the ordinary glass we use for milk drinking. These glass holders are made from hot glass materials and moldered into different fantastic shapes such as a premolar tooth or a spiral arm. Most of these holders have a stable base and several slots for inserting toothbrushes in.

 Unique toothbrushes holder for children and adults

3. Interdesign Toothbrush Holder

This is a multi-toothbrush holder made of stainless steel with a suction channel that holds it firmly on the wall. They are convenient and also add a luxurious look to your bathroom.

4. Smile toothbrush holders

These rhyme well with both kids and adults. They are cup-shaped and have a smiley face front with tiny holes that facilitate quicker drying as well as protects the brush from being exposed to germs. The suction base behind the cups enables them to stick firmly onto your bathroom tiles.

Unique toothbrushes holder for children and adults 2

5. The feel good toothbrush holders

These are holders made of little guys with “hands” for grasping your toothbrush. They come with suction pads that are attached to their back and can stick on tiles upon blowing some moisture on them. These toothbrush holders make the perfect gift you can give to anybody.

6. Umbra rubber grassy holders

These are grass-like holders with a flat base for holding items like toothbrush, beard razors and at times office supplies. The tough grass-like bristles can hold an item in place for as long as you want. They are easy to clean and can be placed anywhere as long as it’s a flat surface. If your bathroom looks ordinary with archaic toothbrush holders, it’s time you revamp it with any of the above unique toothbrush holders.

Unique toothbrushes holder for children and adults 3

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